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Exclusive Luxury Floors at Tiling Smart.
Tiles and Bathrooms sold and fitted at Tiling Smart
“It’s not hard to make a space that looks good by itself. The trick is to craft a room that’s even more attractive when it’s occupied. That’s when it becomes magical.”.

What We Do

We at Tiling Smart would like to provide our customers with an extensive choice of tiles of high quality to help them complete jobs varying from bathrooms to living rooms. Our friendly and experienced staff will aid you to achieve the best possible results at the most competitive price. Our motto is “we don’t like to settle, good enough is never enough” and that is a philosophy we use to deal with all our customers.

High Quality

We only supply tiles of the highest quality from hand picked suppliers.

Lowest Price

Not only do we supply the highest quality tiles. All our tiles are sold at the lowest prices.

Tiling Fitting Service

We offer many approved fitters with extensive experience who will ensure your job is completed to the highest quality

After Sale Service

Once your work is complete our job is not done. You can contact us if you require any advice or encounter any problems after the job is complete.

Latest Works